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How to choose the type of steel strapping
2012-05-18 14:34:54
The particular type of strapping best suited to a specific application generally depends on three factors:
1 The strapping's function or purpose,
2 The package characteristics
3 Shipping or handking consideration

In a specific application, strapping may perform one or more of the following functions:package reinforcement, carton closure, securement, unitization, baling, bunding, bracing, palletlzation, compression retentiion and pilferage reduction.
Package characteristics that influence strap selection are: weigth, stability, rigidity, integrity and sharpness of the edges (sharp edges may demand heavier strapping or corner prtection).

Shipping considerations that affect the choice of strapping include: How far the package is shipped; how it's handled by both the shipper and receiver; and where and how it's stored.
If you have quesion regarding your specific application, pls feel free to contact us.